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Basketball Season Update

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The basketball schedule for the 2018-19 basketball season has now been released and is available for viewing from the Schedule menu and all portals.  This schedule should be considered "frozen".  Any comments or questions about the schedule should be directed to parish/school coordinators at this point.

Parents should continue to fill out Liability Waivers (girls who played in fall volleyball DO NOT need a waiver for basketball) and parishes should be submitting rosters to the league.

Also please checkout tournaments that our parishes and schools are hosting on the boys league page and girls league page.




Fan Behavior

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If you get a minute, watch this great media clip with Frank Martin, the head mens basketball coach at the University of South Carolina. He really puts youth sports into perspective!  Click on the GCCYS logo to view the video clip.




Boys Basketball Kickoff Email

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The following email was sent on 11/30 to all boys basketball coordinators, athletic directors, and boys basketball coaches for whom we have a valid email address. Best of luck to all boys basketball teams this season. A similar email will be sent to girls coaches and coordinators in a few weeks.

Boys Basketball Kickoff Email



Lindsay's Law

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The Ohio Department of Health has announced new legislation referred to as Lindsay's Law which addresses Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth athletes.  The law went into effect on August 1, 2017.  GCCYS sent an email to all parishes during the week of August 1st to provide guidance regarding how this should be implemented for our member coaches, athletes, and parents.  You can read more about Lindsay's Law on the Ohio Department of Health web site:   READ ABOUT LINDSAY'S LAW 

We have included links to resources below which might be helpful for our members, but please note that it is the obligation of the parish/school to make sure everyone for their program is trained and in compliance with the Ohio state law.

The following resources were developed to implement Lindsay’s Law:

For parents/guardians and youth athletes:

For coaches:

If you are a coach for an interscholastic sport and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, please visit their website for information about their training requirements around Lindsay’s Law.

If you are a coach in a community program, please use the following resources:




Game Day

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All parents should take a moment to read "10 Things Parents Need to Know" which is a great reminder to all. Coaches, if you need help tracking playing time for basketball, please print out and use the Basketball Player Tracker. League specific information is available under the new Leagues menu.

Also as a reminder, the maximum gate fee that a parish/school may charge is $5/family, $3/adult, and $1/child

Basketball Rules Basketball Player Tracker 10 Things Parents Need to Know



Inclement Weather Policy

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As temperatures plunge below zero for the upcoming weekend, now is a good time to post a reminder about the GCCYS Inclement Weather Policy. As the GCCYS is informed of gym closings by parish/school coordinators, this information will be shared on the front page of the web site. In addition, games will be marked as postponed or cancelled which will trigger email and SMS text notifications to those that subscribe to Game Status Change notifications for teams affected. If we have a very large weather event, the web site might be put into maintenance mode in order to handle traffic. If this is the case, listings of closed gyms will appear.

GCCYS Policy: Games/matches may be postponed due to extreme inclement weather where the safety of the coaches, players and spectators are at risk. It will be the responsibility of the parish/school site representative and coordinator, at the hosting school, to make the decision regarding the closing of their facility. The coordinator must provide notification to GCCYS a minimum of 90 minutes prior to the start of a game/match. All subsequent games/matches will be cancelled except in cases where it may be possible to re-open later in the day. If a host team's gym is open but the visiting team decides not to participate it will result in a forfeit. Request for postponement and reschedule will be accepted from coordinators only.



Team Fee Payment

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All league fees ($110 per team for all leagues) can be paid to "GCCYS" and sent to the following address:

PO.Box 42376
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242



Coaches - Score Reporting

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Just a quick word about score reporting. The coach of the winning team is responsible for reporting the score of the game within 48 hours of the game being played.  Coaches can access score reporting from several places:

  1. There is a Report Scores menu option on the Portals->Coach menu
  2. On your Coach Portal, games that need scores to be reported will be shown in the upper right hand corner of the portal
  3. In the My Team Schedule section of your Coach Portal, you can report scores for games AND correct scores that were entered in error for up to 14 days after the game has been played
  4. You can edit your account and subscribe to Score Reporting Notifications.  You will receive an email during your game with a link to the score reporting form

Please note that you must have an account with coach level access in order to access a Coach Portal or subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification. Accounts were created for all coaches. IF YOU CREATED YOUR OWN ACCOUNT, you most likely do not have coach level access unless you discussed this with the league. Game scores can be edited up to 14 days after your game in case they have been reported incorrectly. If you are the coach of the losing team and the score has not been logged after 3 days, please help us out and log the score yourself. Thanks!



Unclaimed Coach Accounts

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in early July, all teams for the fall volleyball season were set to "Approved" status which triggers the creation of web site account for coaches. If you received an email from the web site with account information but did not reply within 24 hours OR you never received an email, you need to claim your account. To do so, please request a new password by navigating to the Password Reset Page and enter the email address that your coordinator gave the league. If you are not sure which email address this is, then go to the Teams Page on the Organization menu and look for the email address associated with your team. When you request a new password, if the system does not recognize your email address or you never receive a subsequent email (it should happen within 30 minutes), please Contact Us and we will get it sorted out. Thanks!

Also, please note that Yahoo has been systematically rejecting emails from our web site. If you have a Yahoo email account, please white list the email address or better yet, any emails from the domain If you have a non-Yahoo email address you can use as an alternative, that would be helpful as well.



Game Change Notifications

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Now that the initial schedule has been frozen for the fall leagues, we are going to activate game change notifications. From this point forward when a scheduled game has a change in location, a change in game time, or either of the two teams are changed, you can receive an email or SMS text message notification. In addition, when a new game is added to the schedule or a game is removed from the schedule, canceled, or postponed, you will also receive a notification

In order to receive notifications, you must have a user account on the web site. Simply choose the organization you are associated with and then choose the teams you want to follow (up to 5). You can then choose the types of notifications you would like to receive. Please make sure you enter a valid email address and if you want to receive SMS text message notifications that you enter a valid phone number including area code

A quick note about game statuses. A game starts out as "scheduled" and then when the game has been completed it will change to "completed" or "forfeited" if one of the teams does not show up. If one of the teams cannot make the scheduled game but the game will be rescheduled, it will be placed in "postponed" status. If the location or time of a game is changed, the status of the game will be changed to "rescheduled".



Register for an Account

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Account registration is now open for those that want to follow and subscribe to teams. To register, please click on the Register link in the upper left corner of the web site. You will be asked to choose a user name, password, and enter your first and last names and email address. Choose the organization you are affiliated with and then one of more teams (winter league teams will not be available until late October/mid November) from the parish/school that you want to follow. You can also choose to subscribe to a number of different email and text message notifications.

Once you have created your account, you can login to the web site and will now notice a Portals menu which has a Subscriber option. By choosing that option, you will see your own personal portal with information about the teams you are following. PLEASE NOTE ... that coaches and coordinators have accounts with higher level access created for them. Coaches and coordinators CAN create their own account if they like, but PLEASE USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS that your school/parish supplied to the league. Coordinator or coach privileges will be added to your account after your organization contact information or team information has been communicated to the league.

Regular account holders can choose to subscribe to the following types of notifications:

  1. Game Change Notifications - receive an email or text message any time a scheduled game is changed (new location or time), added, or removed from the schedule.
  2. League Announcements - receive an email of any league wide announcements that are published on the web site.
  3. Score Reporting Reminder - Coaches can choose to receive an email with a link to the score reporting form which will be sent during the game.



NFHS Concussion Training

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ALL HEAD COACHES AND ASSISTANT COACHES must complete the NFHS Concussion Training course before their first game. As a head coach, after you have completed the free, on-line training course on the NFHS web site, you can edit your coach account (after it has been created for you) on the GCCYS web site and specify the course completion date. This training is valid for up to 3 years upon completion of the course so if you have already completed the course in the past 3 years, you should simply enter your course completion date. In order to take the course, you must first register yourself and create an account on the NFHS web site. You will then be able to take the course.

Please note that it is the obligation of the parish/school to make sure everyone for their program is trained and in compliance with the Ohio state law.

NFHS Registration Take Course Check Completion Edit My GCCYS Account