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Contact Phone Role(s)
Kris Cannon Boys Basketball Coordinator
Amy Cooper Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Dave Greive 937-477-4245 Gym Scheduler
Tracey Huiet Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Bridget McGraw Booster President
Andy McNulty Boys Basketball Coordinator
Scott Milton Girls Basketball Coordinator
Becki Zang Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Ami Brown 513-505-4645 Athletic Director
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Josh Lea Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Jim Walz 513-383-4523 Athletic Director
Boys Basketball Coordinator
Chris Woodard 708-224-5400 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Melissa Collins 312-213-2225 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Ralph Hodge 513-205-7699 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Angie Smith Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Leslee Uhl 513-706-6091 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Vicki Hauck Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Andy Vest Athletic Director
Stacy Egan Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Susan Fisher 513-607-8918 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Kevin Tankersley 513-706-2690 Spiritual Liason
Dan Teller 513-271-4171 President
Denise Young 513-289-8671 Athletic Director
Shaun Brodie 513-254-1341 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Connie Ganim 513-885-0302 Gym Scheduler
Tom Gruber GCCYS Liaison
Dan McCluskey 413-477-2297 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Patrick Noone Girls Basketball Coordinator
Mike Smith 513-257-5834 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Darlene Tierney 513-300-2442 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Tim Vonderhaar Booster President
Evan Dobrozsi 513-594-2834 Athletic Director
Ryan Mulligan 513-236-6305 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Dave Caldwell Girls Basketball Coordinator
Melissa Detzel Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Lauren Grubb Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Rob Knarr Booster President
Jamie McCaughty Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Bryan Ramsey Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Brian Reed 513-313-1548 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Rick Ruffolo 413-387-9387 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Greg Barntsen Boys Basketball Coordinator
Jeff Spelman Athletic Director
Boys Basketball Coordinator
Erika Yingling 859-496-0238 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Theo Auguste-Johnson Boys Basketball Coordinator (Youth only)
Chris Buelter Gym Scheduler
Cameron Cahill Booster President
Tony Cline 513-292-2308 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Erin Cline 513-226-0345 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Kay Harmeyer Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Amanda Imhoff Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Chad Schaefer 513-708-6000 Boys Basketball Coordinator (Varsity only)
Dan Badinghaus Gym Scheduler
Rick Jones 513-703-0982 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Megan Miller Athletic Director
Joe Peters 513-235-8933 Booster President
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Ted Renneker 513-515-9101 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Mavis Weisgerber Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Dave Berg 513-523-8787 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Kristi Nadler 513-478-2014 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Dan Unger 513-659-1569 Booster President
Beth Weber 513-702-6117 Gym Scheduler
Chris Willertz 513-754-0555 Athletic Director
Gerry Betsch 513-703-1187 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Drew Mangino Booster President
Joe Albert Gym Scheduler
Andrew Blomer 513-379-7930 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Andy Hofmann 513-675-5487 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Mike O'Connell 513-255-1725 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Elaine Threm Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Josh Abner Boys Basketball Coordinator
Jennifer Blanton 513-659-9558 Gym Scheduler
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Kurt Loy 513-277-9762
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Elizabeth Ahrens 513-236-6760 Booster President
Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Ben McGraw 513-335-4364 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Sam Merkle Girls Basketball Coordinator
Lori Rolfert Treasurer
Jill Sunderman Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Ryan Weigand Boys Basketball Coordinator
Larry Brokamp 513-624-0651 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Anne Ellerbrock 513-305-3045 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Paul Jungkunz Boys Basketball Coordinator
Dana Yacchari Girls Volleyball Coordinator
April Lewis 513-263-0969 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Brandon Morgan Boys Basketball Coordinator
Matt Weisenborn Athletic Director
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Tricia Gastelum 513-371-2094 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Brian Klems Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Kelly Metz 513-348-6587 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Paul Schildmeyer 513-290-5937 Booster President
Caroline Geselbracht Boys Volleyball Coordinator
T.T. Green 513-382-4308 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Steve Hais Vice President
Chris Infantino Gym Scheduler
Jenni Mollman Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Michelle Ripperger Booster President
Joe Sander 513-659-6354 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Rob Stineman 513-673-9708 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Julie Wentzel Gym Scheduler
Tom Beckman 513-850-9495 Athletic Director
Eric Votel 859-240-6763 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Dave Yates 513-617-3768 Booster President
Dawn Gilmore Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Mike Hoffman Girls Basketball Coordinator
Patrick Leslie Boys Basketball Coordinator
Nic Merrelli 513-519-4337 Booster President
Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Michael Blasi 513-720-6928 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Marc Gerwel Booster President
Leisa Grothaus 513-300-6581 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Jill Woods 513-235-6827 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Carolee Braun Booster President
Wendi Bowen 513-328-9717 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Don Bretl 513-942-6267 Booster President
Tracy Hanna 513-638-5699 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Vaughn Johnson 513-381-2126 Athletic Director
Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Odis Davenport 513-255-7347 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Craig Martin 513-448-5522 Athletic Director
Christine Middendorf 513-518-3125 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Joe Rings 513-604-7268 Booster President
Anita Bechmann 513-675-8866 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Marilyn Melcher 513-479-6512
Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Jason Brown 513-543-3006 Booster President
Emily Courtney 513-673-9747 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Monica Dressing 513-300-9795 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
J.P. Eberle 513-313-0314 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Kerina Graves 513-604-7830 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Ray Leonard Boys Basketball Coordinator
Tammy Miller Booster President
Lara Reder Treasurer
Bill Riehle Girls Basketball Coordinator
Doug Ruschman Gym Scheduler
Mike Taggart Athletic Director
Eric Aber Gym Scheduler
Mike Bonomo Gym Scheduler
Amy Finn Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Cris Hamant 513-383-7040 Booster President
Abby Katuska Girls Basketball Coordinator
Brian Mitchell Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Joe Muraca 859-816-7482 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Jim Schenk Treasurer
Paul Weis 513-841-2381 President
Robin Burbrink 513-777-4322 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Spiritual Liason
Colin Hughes Boys Basketball Coordinator
Rod Domingo 904-631-2020 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Patrick Duffy Boys Basketball Coordinator (Youth only)
Paul Schoelwer Boys Basketball Coordinator (Varsity only)
Liz Wilking Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Kevin Braun 513-277-1264 Booster President
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Katie Kelly Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Daryl Sears 513-808-7222 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Brian Clark 513-203-9802 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Mike Cochran Booster President
Michelle Luebbe 513-477-0819 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Andrew Bethea 513-225-3216 Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Mark Cravens 859-916-6161 Booster President
Matt Langworthy 513-227-6211 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Joff Moine 513-295-8860 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Linda Pitzer 513-515-6895 Girls Volleyball Coordinator (Varsity only)
Paul Sorce 513-767-8702 Boys Basketball Coordinator (Youth only)
Erin Spidare 513-384-7819 Girls Volleyball Coordinator (Youth only)
Dave Stone 513-295-1788 Boys Basketball Coordinator (Varsity only)
Derek Eads 513-678-5892 Booster President
Stephanie Henges Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Dan Hornback Athletic Director
Tony Rees 513-262-3396 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Pete Bernhard 513.686.0886 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Jeanne Feldkamp Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Scott Jennings 513-295-6362 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Jim Neyer Booster President
Kristy Thomas Athletic Director
Jackie Bowman 513-284-7426 Girls Basketball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Rob Buehner 513-289-8295 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Dave Heilmann Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Gym Scheduler
Derrick Rahe 513-317-0474 Booster President
Jeff Raussen Athletic Director
Travis Everly 513-503-6828 Boys Basketball Coordinator
Girls Basketball Coordinator
Denis McGrath Boys Volleyball Coordinator
Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Lisa Samson Booster President
Gym Scheduler
Brad Hausfeld Boys Basketball Coordinator
Kevin Metz Gym Scheduler
Scott Meyer Boys Basketball Coordinator
Beth Sander Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Keith Weigand Booster President
Nicole Burke Board Member
Rick Ellison 513-218-4879 Booster President
Boys Basketball Coordinator
Jim Gallo 513-615-8993 Board Member
Tracy Huiet 513-290-7115 Girls Volleyball Coordinator
Kris Ralston 513-673-6035 Board Member
Cary Daniel Athletic Director
Eliza Stone 513-504-4054 Girls Volleyball Coordinator